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Timeless Radiance Unleashed: The Ultimate Medi facial Experience in Pune

Welcome to The Skin Firm, your gateway to unparalleled skincare in Pune. Our Signature Facials and exclusive Medifacials redefine beauty, leaving your skin healthier, younger, and radiant. Discover the pinnacle of luxury and effectiveness in skincare with our meticulously crafted treatments.


Why Choose Us

We understand that every skin and hair type is different, so we tailor our treatments to your individual needs.
Indulge in our exclusive medi facials, meticulously designed to defy aging signs and enhance your skin’s brightness and radiance. Dr. Karishma Singh’s signature 10-minute facial massage accompanies each treatment, promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients, stimulating skin cells, and improving circulation.
  • Ocean Miracle (Detoxifying)

    Revitalise your skin with our Oxygen-infusing facial therapy. The advanced oxy mask delivers healing oxygen directly to your cells, reprogramming metabolic functions. Packed with D+E cell complex and chlorella, this facial leaves your skin nourished and hydrated, combating sun damage and ageing.
  • Re-Generin (Soothing and Toning)

    Experience the power of a specially designed regenerator that improves micro-contour and utilises anti-aging peptides. Our signature facial massage, paired with a unique oil and cream, soothes and tones the skin for a rejuvenated feel.
  • Vitamin Infuso (Skin Brightening)

    Say goodbye to tan and dehydration with our Vitamin Infusion facial. Utilising microdermabrasion and a mild peeling agent, this treatment purifies the skin’s surface. Dr. Karishma Singh’s Signature Facials, massage, and a mask containing dill and seaweed leave your skin bouncy, smooth, and brighter than ever.

Combine the benefits of our Golden Glow therapy with focused LED light to stimulate collagen production, improve skin clarity, and combat acne. Revel in healthier, radiant skin.

Our exclusive range of clean-ups targets superficial blemishes, unclogs pores, and enhances skin tone and texture. Steam and extraction rituals, along with specific protocols, reduce sebum secretion and inflammation.

  • Clean Pore Treatment

    Ideal for oily skin, this treatment evens skin tone with a calming mask, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and alleviating post-extraction irritation.

  • Anti Acne Pore Treatment

    Revolutionise your skincare routine with an anti-germicidal gel and a specially formulated anti-acne mask. This clean-up balances sebum secretion, reducing inflammation and improving skin texture.

  • Hydrated Pore Treatment

    Experience the perfect blend of hydration and deep cleansing with our unique Hydrated Pore therapy. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment uses advanced technology for deeper penetration of active ingredients.

Enhance your skincare journey with our Add-On services, ensuring longer-lasting results. Enquire about these additional services to elevate your skincare experience.

Discover the enhanced benefits of a second session with The Skin Firm. Our expert aestheticians tailor each session to address your unique skin care needs, providing sustained results that leave you looking and feeling your best.

Explore Our Second Session Benefits


Dr.Karishma is very welcoming and pays great attention to details…. Consultation was amazing…. She listened to all my skin problems and also gave me a series of effective skin care routine and other treatments….. my skin has never been better….
Highly recommend her…
Very grateful to Dr. Karishma

Khushhboo Suratwala

Did my hair prp treatment, got excellent results, very helpful and polite staff. Dr karishma is skilled and has excellent knowledge. I recommend the skin firm for every one who has hair fall.

Kiran Tribhuwan

Very good place for unwanted hair laser removal an reduction for men . Really good machine ,latest technology painless . I give them 5 starts .

Muinuddin Achwa

I visited Dr. Karishma Singh for acne scarring. She chose the best treatment plan which included CO2 laser, and just within the 1st session i saw great results. I thank Dr. Karishma for bringing out the best in me.

Sanna Makasare

The Skin Firm is the best cosmetology clinic that I’ve come across, got my Hydra Facial treatment done, 100% satisfied.
Dr. Karishma Singh has excellent knowledge and is one of the best, she helped me achieve that glass looking skin.

Aishwarya Tribhuwan

Had a full body hair reduction done and it was a great job done thank you Dr. Karishma!!!

Sindura Gaikwad

Very professional and comfortable atmosphere. Dr.Karishma is very talented, would highly recommend The Skin Firm for all cosmetic treatments.

Utsav Ojha

Witness the transformative power of our treatments through real Before and After photos and testimonials. See the visible improvements in skin texture, tone, and overall radiance, showcasing the effectiveness of The Skin Firm’s signature approach to skincare.

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The frequency of facials depends on your skin type and concerns. Our skincare experts can recommend a personalised schedule during your consultation.

Yes, our treatments are tailored to accommodate various skin types, including sensitive skin. We use gentle yet effective ingredients to ensure a comfortable experience.

LED facials stimulate collagen production, improve skin clarity, and help combat acne. The focused LED light targets specific wavelengths for optimal results.

A. Absolutely! Our clean-up treatments are customizable to address your specific concerns, ensuring a personalized skincare experience.

Elevate your skincare routine in Pune with The Skin Firm’s transformative treatments. Schedule your appointment today and experience the epitome of luxury and effectiveness in skincare. Your radiant skin journey begins here.



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