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We are among the Best Cosmetologist in Pune and carry out a wide range of personal care services for our clients. Our team of cosmetologists is specialized in a wide range of beauty procedures which includes hairstyling, skincare, makeup application, and nail care.

Our cosmetology services help you in understanding the condition of skin and hair. We provide the best skincare and hair fall treatment at an economical price.

The Skin Firm: Your Ultimate Cosmetology Destination

The Skin Firm is an exclusive station for people who are searching for the best Cosmetologist Near Me. We provide comprehensive hair and skin cosmetology for men and women. The firm believes in offering treatments and solutions with customization as it helps in building the trust factor between the doctor and the patient.

The services we offer are broadly divided into five categories which are Hair, Laser, Makeup, Nails, and, esthetic. Our supreme services are backed up along with the latest technology, hence offering personalized and technology-encouraged treatments.   

The dermatology services we offer play a crucial role in curing the beauty disease, whereas the cosmetologist we have helps you in fulfilling the desired look you want.

Makeup Artist

Our makeup artists have years of experience and can also work in professional photography studios, cinemas, special effects, fashion shows, weddings, or special events. These specialized professionals are aware of the fact that every cosmetics interact differently with every skin. And also have expertise in achieving customized looks and effects using makeup.


Another service we offer at the Best Cosmetologist in Pune is an electrologist. The service uses special equipment for permanent hair removal. In order to damage the hair follicles, electricity is applied, so hair does not grow back. 

Cosmetologist with syringe and patient on chair.

Our Comprehensive Cosmetology Services

At The Skin Firm, we offer multiple services. Below-mentioned are some of the most common tasks our specialists perform:

Hair Styling

  • Braiding hair
  • Coloring, tinting, lightening hair
  • Installing hair extensions or weaves
  • Washing, shampooing, drying, cutting hair


  • Facials
  • Exfoliation
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Skin conditioning and wrinkle reduction

Nail Technician

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Nail artistry, nail jewelry
  • Gel nails, silk nails, and acrylic nails

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