Professional Chemical Peels

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A spotless, wrinkle free, true complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and we have  just the right treatment to unravel it.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is made up on millions of cells. Thousands of new cells replace old, dead skin cells on a daily basis. But with age and due to certain environmental and lifestyle factors this process begins to slow down. This results in layers of dead cells accumulating on the skin’s surface, that in turn make the skin look uneven, darker than usual and dull.

What are Professional chemical Peels

Professional (Medical Grade) peels are skin resurfacing and exfoliation agents. The basic aim of chemical peels is to replace the outer, dead layers of tired, pigmented and wrinkled skin to reveal the underlying healthier, younger looking skin. It also promotes the regeneration of collagen in the skin. The Skin Firm only uses the highest quality, medical grade peels in all its treatments. 


Professional peels can effectively improve a wide variety of skin conditions including:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. UV damaged skin
  3. Age spots, melasma
  4. Uneven skin tone and texture
  5. Acne & Clogged Pores
  6. Shallow acne scars

The Skin Firm Quality Assurance

The Skin Firm has been treating Acne successfully for many patients, using updated customized to your skin with the latest products & technology. Visit our clinic for treatment assessment or contact us to know more.

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