Signature Facials

Designed to rejuvenate, pamper and leave your skin looking healthier, younger & glowing.


The exclusive medi-facials at The Skin Firm will make your skin defy all signs of ageing and will leave it looking brighter and more radiant, feeling softer and bouncy. The unique combination of active ingredients in the products coupled with advanced dermal technology encourages collagen production, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and increase in the skin’s moisture levels. All facials include Dr. Karishma Singh’s signature 10-minute facial massage that helps in the deeper penetration of active ingredients, stimulates skin cells and aids better circulation. The following are our most popular facials:


The Oxygen infusing facial therapy uses the healing and restorative powers of oxygen to fight signs of sun damage and aging. With the help of an advanced oxy mask that provides oxygen directly to your cells, it helps to reprogram the cells metabolism functions, it contains D+E cell complex along with chlorella, your skin will immediately feel nourished and well hydrated.


This facial treatment uses a specially designed powerful regenerator, which when used regularly improves the micro contour of the skin. it contains an anti ageing peptide infused in the mask with six natural amino acids. Our signature facial massage uses a specifically formulated oil and massage cream to soothe and tone the skin.


The perfect remedy for tanned or dehydrated skin; the vitamin infuso facial treatment for uses a microdermabrasion technique to rid the skin’s surface  impurities. A mild peeling agent is used to further remove any debris. Ending with Dr. Karishma Singh’s Signature Facials and clean up massage and the application of a mask containing dill and seaweed, your skin will be bouncier, smoother and brighter than ever before.


 Combines our popular GOLDEN GLOW therapy with LED light, focussed LED light which emit specific wavelengths are projected on the face to stimulate collagen production, improve skin clarity and also kill the acne causing bacteria. A perfect treatment to combat acne, signs of aging and leave your skin looking healthier.


Our exclusive range of clean-ups is designed to diminish superficial blemishes and unclog and cleanse the pores. Our clean-ups include a steam and extraction ritual to remove whiteheads and blackheads and certain protocols to reduce sebum secretion that leads to acne. They also reduce inflammation and improve skin tone and texture.


The perfect remedy for oily skin, It addresses any unevenness in skin tone with the help of calming mask to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and relieve it of any post extraction irritation.


This revolutionary facial clean-up uses an anti-germicidal gel to reduce acne. Next comes the application of a specially formulated anti-acne mask to balance sebum secretion – excessive sebum being the prime cause of acne. The Pure Pore clean-up is formulated to alleviate inflammation and reduce irritation, all the while hydrating the skin and improving its texture and tone.


The perfect combination to hydrate and deep clean the skin, the Hydrated Pore therapy uses a unique technology for deeper penetration of active ingredients. With the help of a hydrating masks, the skin is treated to an extra dose of hydration and care. This clean-up is suitable for almost all skin types.


Don’t forget to enquire about our Add-On services which will complement your skincare treatment and give you better and longer lasting results. 

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